Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Personal supercomputing news

I commented last year on the embryonic market for personal supercomputing software.

Today, I happened to hear two related bits of news: A nice new piece of kit from Tyan (16 CPU computer with 64Gb of RAM). And the apparent demise of Orion multisystems.

As consumer PCs continue down in price, and approach the point that they deliver all the power that their users need, scientists and other users who's demand for CPU power is unlimited, and budgets are a little larger, are once again an appealing market.

But business can be a matter of timing. Orion, it seems, was just a bit too early to try and break through from specialist to large scale use of HPC and have run out of money before the market was ready. Maybe Tyan are here at a better time, or perhaps it is tomorrow's startup that will capture the prize.

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