Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tecplot to be split into two product lines

Tecplot will shortly be reorganizing its product line up. The central product, Tecplot 10, will be split shortly to form two diverging offerings: "Tecplot 360" aimed at CFD post processing and visualization and "Tecplot Focus" aimed at "XY and 2D engineering plotting".

Upgrading customers will have to choose which branch to follow. Initially, it is claimed Tecplot Focus customers will notice little difference in the way of new features, but the company does not say whether the existing CFD visualization in Tecplot 10 will be removed from that product. If it has been, that is a tough upgrade to sell!

If it is true that their market is split between these two needs, then it is natural to target them seperately. If they are not, there are two possible interpretations:

1) Tecplot 360 will simply out develop Tecplot Focus which will become the "lite" version, at a lower price. A long established principle - see Photoshop vs Photoshop elements, Outlook vs Outlook Express, etc and in the Science arena Mathematica vs Mathematica CalcCenter or Mupad Pro vs Mupad.

2) By partitioning feature sets that do not have exclusive user groups, this is an attempt to force an existing user base to purchase two products where one used to do.

Details are expected by the end of March.

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