Friday, March 31, 2006

A view on the new Origin Viewer

Perhaps I am not very sharp today, but sometimes the purpose of a product escapes me.

Origin have just released a free tool to view Origin Project Files.

Origin Project Files, are a file format for storing origin data, results, graphs and layouts in a single file. So kind of like a .zip or archive. The format itself doesn't provide any additional features as far as I can tell.

Now the reader, lets you browse the directory structure and get data or graphics out of it. Well, again, like you can with a .zip file.

I can't see why anyone would use this, except to get at a piece of data or output from an Origin users project. If you actually cared about the way that different parts or the project related, you would already be an Origin user.

If Origin projects used standard formats in the first place, then you would be able to browse and retrieve parts already.

Its seems like a solution to a needless problem.

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