Thursday, April 13, 2006

Beamer support for Scientific Word

MacKichan have added experimental support for the Beamer class of slide show transitions to Scientific Word

Software makers add features, it's what they do. Typically to take them into new markets. But I have always felt that the MacKichan have been trying to make Scientific Word into things that it just isn't.

Scientific Word is a perfectly nice TeX editor, and with the right knowledge makes very nice documents. But rather than develop that idea, they tried to make it into a computation tool by bolting on, first a Maple engine, and then a MuPAD engine. It was never a comfortable mix.

Now with the Beamer class support they are trying to turn it into some kind of PowerPoint clone with typesetting. If you are one of those people who likes PowerPoint, then why not just export your work into it? If you are not happy with being limited to slides, then why not show your work in a real working environment where you can show it live?

Perhaps I am not in supportive because PowerPoint always seems to be wielded by salesmen!

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