Friday, May 05, 2006

Do scientists and engineers prefer Firefox?

It's just anecdotal evidence, but I was reviewing the site statistics for this site, and one piece of data stood out as interesting.

The browser used to read the site is running, fairly consistently at about 70% Firefox, 20% Internet Explorer, and about 10% combined of Opera, Safari and (new to me) Galeon.

Now I know that this is not normal, Firefox penetration is claimed to be around 20%, and professional sites that I am involved with are not much different.

Of course, it's small data, (my site delivers only a couple of thousand pages per week), and the self selection is much more specific, so "people interested in scientific computing, who are interested in blog comment, and can find a site that has barely promoted itself - prefer Firefox"!

The rest was all what you might expect, the average reader is American, British or Canadian, reads two pages from the site, is 25% likely to return, 10% likely to stay for over an hour and 95% likely to have got here through Google.

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