Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Roundup of non-news

There seems to be a lack of serious announcements at the moment, so here are some of the items I noticed which did not deserve serious comment...

In the category of "new marketing initiatives":
New bi-weekly MapleSoft podcast - have someone else read their website out to you.
Mathworks sponsors some student engineering competition (mostly with software).
Mathworks gets some noteworthy user to speak at their conference - interesting if you have heard of Thomas Scharnhorst.
Wolfram Research are giving away some Mathematica to China, and sending some people there on Mathematica roadshow.
Wolfram Research offer free online seminars to learn Mathematica.

In the "business as usual" category:
Insightful Q1 results out - 'steady as she goes'
MathSoft hire a new distributor - but that was before the agreement to sell MathSoft (oddly still not announced on the MathSoft site)
MapleSoft buys an algorithm- but they have always bought in external code, so what's new?

Still, at least those companies have something to say about themselves. Design Science, SciFace, UNISTAT and VSN haven't put a news item on their sites this year. Come on guys, surely you have done something worth mentioning in the last five months?

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