Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Eclipse IDE for Mathematica

Wolfram Research have announced a new integrated development environment for Mathematica based on the open source platform Eclipse.

It always seemed that because Mathematica's language is very elegant and readable that Wolfram felt that development tools like debuggers were somehow unnecessary. While I have always liked the language (eg see comments on function naming), the lack of developer tools was definitely a weakness. It is good to see this deficiency finally corrected.

Wolfram have hooked up a large number of the Eclipse features: code editing (syntax highlighting, error reporting, local variable coloring, code outline etc), performance profiling, revision management, test management, a build system as well as step by step debugging.

As I commented previously, Eclipse has been gathering a lot of momentum. So as well as helping Mathematica users, this will make Mathematica more accessible to developers who use Eclipse for Java, C or FORTRAN development, who already use Eclipse.

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