Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Endnote X released

Thomson ResearchSoft have released a new version of their popular reference management software Endnote.

The main developments are in the handling of PDF files and less exciting, but very important for such a product, improvements to searching and organization.

I have always felt that PDF files were the wrong way to go for information, with their focus on visual presentation rather than semantic markup. But much as I would like to see XML type formats be developed further, there is no serious competitor to PDF right now, so like millions of others, I use them widely.

For Thomson to position themselves as the people to organize your PDF information, is a smart move.


Anonymous said...

Is this a Universal Binary? If not, does anyone know how well it runs on the Intel Macs.

Scientific Computing said...

There is no Mac version yet until "fall 2006". So we will have to wait and see.