Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Government bodies and computing don't mix

Something amusing today. A news item on Grid Computing Now says...

"THE TWO principal Grid standards bodies, the Global Grid Forum (GGF) and Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) have announced the completion of their merger, forming the Open Grid Forum (OGF)."

It starts with some exciting phrases about passion and action...

"This merger integrates the passion, expertise and experience of the EGA and GGF members to enhance our capability to deliver results faster, communicate more clearly and collaborate more effectively," said Linesch."

But then in a reminder that no government, that I am aware of, has ever managed the deployment of a major IT project without overspending and over-running, or ever written a successful piece of software, it then goes on to say...

"Over the next several months, OGF will focus on completing the merger integration. It will finalise the Board of Directors and day-to-day operations leadership team; transition current members and recruit new members into the organisation."

Look to industry for the action.

It reminds me of the People's Front of Judea in Monty Python's The Life of Brian- read the transcript here to understand why.

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