Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Mac Intel support for Maple

Maplesoft announced today that they will shortly start shipping a native Mac Intel (Universal Binary) version of Maple. They have not said whether this will include the "Classic" interface version of Maple, still used by 30% of their users, or just the new Java based interface. It is likely to be just the latter.

Delivery has been rather tardy compared to, Maple developer, Paul DeMarco's estimate to the Maple user group, on Jan 17 that it would be "several weeks",and is nearly four months behind Mathematica.

Still this is well ahead of Mathworks who are now estimating that they won't even have a 'beta' of Matlab for Mac Intel until "late fall". Mathworks developer Brian Arnold, was surprisingly open about the situation to the Matlab user group, commenting, "It sucks that our Intel Mac transition is taking this long, in the face of Apple's accelerated hardware changeover, but we can't (currently) make this go any faster."

Other scientific suppliers who have managed to ship Mac Intel software include statistics softwares Stata and XLSTAT, visualization software Imaris, TeX editor LaTeXiT and ChemSpotlight.

[[14-Jun-06 Update: Is Maplesoft MacTel support what it seems?]]

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