Wednesday, June 21, 2006

PTC plans for MathCAD

A few details of the plans that Parametric have for MathCAD, after the purchase of Mathsoft completes, were released at their user conference recently.

The headline feature is, as I predicted, a link between their Pro/Engineer products and MathCAD, which will allow you to link a parameter in Pro/Engineer to a variable in a MathCAD worksheet. Since they already have this capability between Excel and Pro/E it is not clear that they will push this 100% as the "right way" to work.

MathCAD will remain available as a stand-alone product- logical since the management of Parametric have stated their plans to reach a revenue goal, so as much of the reason for buying Mathsoft was to buy their revenue as to support any strategic technology plans.

One amusing quote from the PTC panel Q+A lead by Jim Heppelmann and Brian Shepherd was that there are 1.4 million MathCAD's out there. This is 400,000 less than the number that Mathsoft are quoting. Having just spent $60M you would think you would remember the right number- or perhaps Mathsoft have been guilty of just a little hype.

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