Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Clearspeed accelerator goes mainstream

At the risk of this turning into an HPC site, here is another story on high performance computing...

ClearSpeed Technology are a UK startup who make a neat co-processor board. Slot one of these 96 core boards into your PC and you get a boost of 50Gflops at the cost of 25W of power and a few thousand dollars!.

So far they seem to have mostly been involved in expensive specialist systems, partly because you need to optimize your code to take advantage of it.

This week though, they have signed an OEM deal with IBM which will put the boards into the IBM System Cluster 1350 product. This will be very important for raising their profile, driving support for the platform and making them some sales.

They have also made a start on cultivating third party software support, announcing this week, Mathematica support, with a claimed "quadruple performance". I think we can expect to see more such announcements in the coming months.

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