Wednesday, August 30, 2006

IDL to include IMSL

ITT Visual Information have been working with Visual Numerics Inc to embed the IMSL libraries into IDL.

While both parties presumaby consider this a win-win deal, it is hard to see who is doing best out of it.

ITT are a business monster with sales in the billions (of other products) and presumably could afford to build whatever features they want to into IDL. But instead this sales 'might' has allowed the development to stagnate. IDL was once quite advanced but now its feature list reads like the features that you take for granted on other products. This is a quick fix for that.

Visual Numerics have been more active in development but the market for libraries that you have to write your own code to connect must be diminishing so this is potentially a good OEM sale (depending on the price they got). But the potential cost is boosting a competitor to their main application product PV Wave. The press release makes reference to that, explaining that they are in different markets. Perhaps.

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