Thursday, August 24, 2006

Maple 10.05 maintenance update

It is usually a good thing when software companies produce maintenance releases to fix bugs in a shipping product. But news that MapleSoft are shipping a sixth release of Maple 10 does make you wonder if perhaps it could have been tested and finished a bit better before it was released.

If you look back over the releases, there is a general theme-- improvements to display, editing and interpretation of 2D math and document mode, appear in every update. It seems that a lot of work is being focused on getting the new interface, created for Maple 10, right.

A clue may be in a recent poll on the user group site, where nearly half of users are not using the new interface at all, most preferring the obsolete Maple 8 interface. And 1/3 of those that do use it, are not using any of the new features, preferring to put it in plain text mode.

It looks like MapleSoft think that quality is what is holding back adoption.

[[Update 6 Sept 2006- In a significant change in policy from Maplesoft this maintenance release is only available to subscribers to their EMP program.]]


Anonymous said...

It should be noted that Mac OS X users cannot use classic, and I know at least one such user who desperately wishes he could. So, we can't vote what we'd prefer to use, which may affect some results.

Anonymous said...

I never understood the necessity of displaying formulas as in a text book. One should have the possibility to export the work in a nice format, but everybody who is smart enough to use a CAS should be able to interpret textual output.