Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Round up of new products

National instruments have released LabVIEW Toolkit for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT.

I am sure that there are lots of professional uses for controlling the LEGO robotics platform from LabVIEW. But all I can think of is what a cool toy this would have been when I was a kid.

Mostly this week has been upgrades to existing software...

webMathematica 2.3 - Adding 64 bit and multi-core support to Wolfram Research's web server product.

BlockBuilder 1.1 - Linux support, bug fixes and making it work with their Dynaflex Pro product.
Dynaflex Pro 2.3 - The other half of the fix above.

PoochMPI Toolkit for Mathematica - Add on from Dauger Research to support gridMathematica use on their HPC platform.

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