Monday, September 25, 2006

MapleSoft news reveals little new

Looking back I have been quite critical of some of MapleSoft's recent press releases, but sometimes they really do ask for it. They have just released four press releases in six days, but have very little worth announcing in any of them.

One was a repeat of the release that I covered two months ago about the Matlab toolbox. Except with the words "now shipping". Perhaps that is news because it didn't ship in August as was originally promised.

One was to say what I nice conference they had back in July. It might have been news then but two months later? Since you can still register for this event on their website it might be just incompetant timing!

One with real but minor news was for the Japanese version of their Blockbuilder product. But since that is quite small, I don't suppose there were many words to translate!

But the biggest piece of puff is the grand release of four "Engineering toolkits", which turn out to be already available products bundled together under new names.

In all, the only interesting thing I found was that with two of the bundles called "MATLAB Users’ Toolkit" and "Simulink Users’ Toolkit", there can no longer be any doubt about what I have been speculating since March and as recently as June, that MapleSoft are repositioning themselves as makers of Matlab add-ons.

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JacquesC said...

I think you're reading too much into this. This merely means that Maplesoft is going after the (commercial?) Engineering market. And, being no dummies, they know that the dominant player there is The MathWorks, more precisely their product offerings centered around matlab. Since that's not going to change anytime soon, then easing's one's way in via products that tie-in to matlab is rather natural, no?