Thursday, September 07, 2006

TI Nspire calculator delays

Back in May, at its announcement, I asked "Is the new TI Calculator good news for TI?".

What is certainly not good news for TI, is that they are having trouble delivering it.

German retailer Dynatech, which was until recently anticipating first shipments by the end of August, just in time for the new school year and in plenty of time for christmas, now says that it will not be available until Q2 2007.

TI's site is still suggesting that first shipments will be this year but only in Canada.


Anonymous said...

That site is only authorized to take pre-orders. TI's nspire is still in development. A version was released and is out in a few specific test markets at the moment. Just google around a little more before spreading FUD.

Scientific Computing said...

When I wrote that piece, back in September the FAQ part of the TI site was suggesting it would be available in Canada late 2006, that has now been changed to "will be available in 2007 through select Canadian dealers". I don't see any "doubt" in that slipping schedule. If this isn't a slipping schedule then any "uncertainty" has certainly been caused by TI by announcing a product a year ahead of when they intended to ship it.

Anonymous said...

From what I've heard it is slow and has a terrible battery life. it's written in Java for pete sake!I'm guessing even after it is released you'll hear about all it's problems.

Why bother waiting for an nSpire? Casio has what I would concider a better machine that is available right now. The ClassPad is easier to use, has a stylus, and it's been out for 4-5 years so they've worked out all the problems.

Anonymous said...

Classpad with the stylus and very basic keyboard is a joke and still buggy.

The worst thing about it is they charge for the firmware upgrade (which I found out too late after contributing bug fixes and suggestions for improvement which they incorporated in the latest version), so earlier buyers are stuck with buggier versions. The early screen is awfully dark (practically unusable) but they claim to have fixed this in the newer hardware. Casio treated earlier Classpad paying customers as beta testers only to provide a better product to the rest of the market.

The TI-Nspire appears to combine whatever good features Classpad has with those of the TI-89 and without need for a ridiculous stylus. (It's a calculator, for crying out loud.)

By the way, Dynatech now has TI-Nspire in stock, available for sale.

Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about? Firmware upgrades are free, and you can adjust the contrast.