Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Site comment

Warning: No real news in this post.

You might notice a new bit of Amazon advertising on the site. My grand ambition is that writing a piece for this site, might one day pay as much as spending the same time flipping burgers for McDonalds!

It's got quite a way to go, but I am committed to keeping adverts small and discrete, as I am really more interested in the computing news.

However, since (unlike Google) Amazon's conditions allow me to draw your attention to the advert, I would encourage you to go click on the link and go shopping as I get a little kick-back if you do. Unfortunately, unlike Google adverts, it only happens if you actually spend money.

In other site news- the release of the Firefox 2.0 browser today, with built in spell checking for forms input, should see an end to the bad spelling on this site, though probably not bad bad grammar. The www.blogger.com authoring interface is pretty good, but lacks spell checking.

Interestingly, in this first post using the new Firefox, I see that the spell checker highlights Firefox as misspelled!

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