Thursday, October 19, 2006

Why no news?

I have been a bit quiet lately, and human nature being what it is, I would like to lay the blame on someone else.

For this purpose, I will pick on the inactivity of Design Science, makers of MathType! While I am the first to criticize vacuous press releases, it is extraordinary that a company can find nothing new to say about itself in over a year. The last release they put out according to their news page was 10 August 2005, to announce that the NSF had given them some money.

Not far behind are Systat, who still have a 2003 item on their "Recent news" ticker. To be fair they have announced two things this year, but they are both about the Korean translation of Systat, so I hope the 72M Koreans will forgive me for suggesting that that isn't of general interest!

1 comment:

BruceV from Design Science said...

I suppose we (Design Science) could have announced that we received additional rounds of funding on our Math Search and Math Accessibility grants, that we moved into great new headquarters in downtown Long Beach, that we released minor upgrades to our MathFlow product line, etc., but we too are really against publishing vacuous press releases.

BTW, we hired a new marcom person starting next week -- press releases will be one of her responsibilities. Be on the lookout for news about:

- New, lower prices for MathType (now)
- New version of MathPlayer (next few weeks)
- New version of MathFlow (next few weeks)
- New SDK for math editing and display with custom apps (end of year)
- Major upgrade for MathType (next 6 months)