Saturday, October 21, 2006

Yet another version of Maple 10

Disregarding my comments on Maple 10.05 being too many maintenance releases on a product, Maplesoft have released yet another in under two months - Maple 10.06.

As before the bug fixes are again interface related...

  • Scrolling behavior when inserting output near the end of a document
  • Palettes, including constructing higher-order derivatives and choosing insertion points
  • Export to RTF, HTML and LaTeX
  • Removing output from a selection
But here is the fun part... If you recall, 10.05 was only available to subscribers to the EMP maintenance program. This version is available to all, but on the Maplesoft website we read "Elite Maintenace Plan (EMP) customers only, please note: Maple 10.06 does NOT include all updates from Maple 10.05. You must install Maple 10.05 before installing Maple 10.06".

So it seems that if you have EMP you can have it all, but if not you can have the 10.06 fixes but not the 10.05 fixes. It doesn't say whether you need to have already picked up the 10.01-10.04 updates. And it is not clear whether the users of the Japanese version get the 10.05 fixes, as there was no 10.05 for the Japanese version, but there is a 10.06.

So now they have lots of different branches of code to support in the wild- this puts a huge demand on testing.

So it is not surprising to read comments on VersionTracker and the Maple user group that there are quality problems with this update with several people saying that installing the update destroyed their copy of Maple.

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