Thursday, November 30, 2006

Maple loses three million users

I very much doubt that the headline of this item is true, but I did get the story from MapleSoft press releases!

I made a sarcastic remark at the expense of Parametric a couple of months ago when they couldn't get their story straight on how many users MathCAD had. So I can't help but comment on a similar inconsistency at MapleSoft.

The boiler plate part of their press releases used to contain the claim "Over a million users have adopted Waterloo Maple products". The last time being in Nov 2002.

Around that time, there was some kind of management buyout, the company changed its name to MapleSoft and lots of other changes were made, including the boiler plate which from Jan 2003, read "Over 5 million users benefit from advanced Maple technology." It goes to show the rapid effect of new management on the success of a company!

Nothing changes until Jan 2005, when suddenly the claim drops to "Over two million users at thousands of organizations benefit from advanced Maple technology."

The truth? Who knows. But I doubt that I am going to find it in a MapleSoft press releases.

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