Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Modelica gets the Simulink treatment

The Modelica modelling language has got a boost with a new product from MathCore: MathModelica System Designer Professional.

This is a tool built on top of the Modelica language which seems to take the project onto the ground covered by Simulink by adding a graphical programming interface.

I was told once that Modelica's strength is the ability to model engineering systems that combine different fields. eg. A system that has electrical subsystems and hydraulic subsystems that are interconnected. The project seems to have a lot of academic and some serious industry support, with the likes of ABB on board, but seems like a largely European affair at the moment.

As well as the Modelica libraries the product also integrates Mathematica to give it the number crunching it will need to take on Matlab.

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Anonymous said...

It is worth pointing out that this is not the first graphical interface for Modelica. Dymola's support for Modelica dates back to the start of the Modelica project (1996).

MathCore's new tool is one of many Modelica implementations that are now emerging.