Sunday, December 31, 2006

Maple CEO moonlights at VSNI

I may have to retract this story, as I can't find any written reference, but I have heard this gossip from more than one source, so am assuming its true.

I am told that MapleSoft CEO, Jim Cooper, now has a side job as Chairman of the Board at VSNI, makers of the venerable statistics software Genstat.

Unless he has too little work to do at MapleSoft, this makes little sense to me.

The obvious guess, that this is leading to the inclusion of Genstat statistics within Maple, like the inclusion of NAG numerics (NAG are part owners of VSNI) seems unlikely. Any hybrid of the two would be an uncomefortable compromise for both. Perhaps we will see a sharing of sales channels and user lists?

All rather odd. (If true).

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JacquesC said...

Jim Cooper's "legal" name is C. James Cooper (which you can get from Maplesoft's own site). If you Google for that, you'll find that he's on the Board of Directors for another company: is the company which Maplesoft hooked up with in the heydays of the dot com boom. In fact, he is actually listed as COO of