Friday, December 08, 2006

Minitab fights Dilbert over Six Sigma benefits

Minitab are highlighting a report that claims that those using technology based approach (read "using Minitab") to Six Sigma are more successful.

This refutes an article referred to in a recent Dilbert cartoon which really was in Fortune that claimed "of 58 large companies that have announced Six Sigma programs, 91 percent have trailed the S&P 500 since."

However with the claim being highlighted being based on the 16% of the 400 companies who took part in the study who have been judged to be "holding true to the rigorous program" doesn't seem to me to be too significant (though I have long since forgotten the appropriate math for significance tests to defend that claim). Perhaps this is just prejudice because the study was sponsored by Minitab themselves.

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Trey said...

I think Six Sigma can benefit any organization and not necessarily large ones.

saam mirza said...

Thanks Brad, I agree. Taking six months to fix a poor performing process is still better than letting that poor performance exist for the full year, and its less costly too...
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