Friday, December 15, 2006

New Scilab 4.1

The (Mostly) French, Scilab Consortium have shipped an update to their open source Matlab competitor, Scilab.

Version 4.1 appears to be just a maintenance release, though the bug fix list is reasonably significant.

Perhaps more interesting is the beta of a Scilab- Labview gateway. Scilab are already cosy with Mathworks' arch enemies National Instruments through their joint participation in the Numerical Math Consortium (more: 12/05, 1/06, 9/06).

Labview are more likely to be the winners of such an alliance, with customers who want to get rid of Mathworks licensing fees to move to Scilab, being left with spare cash to buy Labview! Existing Labview customers are less likely to be concerned about licensing fees, and already have a choice of professional computational engines to put behind Labview like Mathematica, and even Matlab!

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