Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Maple 11 to be announced next week

Some more news leaking out of MapleSoft...

On January 8, they will be pre-announcing an upgrade to their principal product Maple although the actual product is not anticipated to be ready until (at least) March.

I will comment again when the actual details are out, but I understand the headline features to be mostly improvements to their Java interface. Unlike the recent minor upgrades to the interface (see comment here) these look not so much bug fixes as design fixes. eg Allowing the typesetting to work within a graphic, equation numbering that works between documents, and the confusing "in place" menu driven operations that previously left no history as to what you did to get your result, now automatically insert a comment.

Features that are actually new include a "preview version" of new handwriting recognition for math. But if you recall my comments on the handwritten character recognition in current Maple, I think we can read "preview" to mean "doesn't work". There is also a Mathematica style "slide show" mode for documents and some kind of content "annotation" feature.

There are some new computational capabilities, mostly "speciality packages" or centred around some nice new Groebner basis capabilities, which they already announced back in March.

So with the central drive still being the document interface, it will be interesting to see if this is the release where they push people to move from the "Classic interface" or if that will still ship alongside the Java interface.

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Dornakul said...

When Maple 10 was released, I started using the real math notation. I liked the input style of Mathematica, where I do not have to keep track of so many parentheses when coding fractions. But the Maple input was awful, so I switched back to the normal interface with the red font, where I was sure about what I entered. But even there, I managed to write a line type(-1,negative) and get the result "false". The reason was that the minus sign was not an input minus sign, but a minussign copied from the output. I beg for improvement of the input in Maple 11.