Thursday, February 01, 2007

Did MapleSoft censor their own blogger?

Strange occurrences at the MapleSoft sponsored user forum, that are likely of little interest to anyone except me...

The site manager added a blog entry to the front page of the MaplePrimes site about an item that I wrote about calculators. It's always nice when people link to your site, so I went back a few days later to see if I could contribute anything useful to the discussion. However, in that time the links to had been removed and replaced with plain text.

Now I can't think of any logical reason why one would write a piece talking about a web page one read, and then decide to later remove the links to where it was, having initially made the effort to put it in.

The only hypothesis that I can come up with is that his superiors didn't agree him linking to a site that has been critical of them at times.

I thought I was exactly on-topic for MaplePrimes, which says that one of the purposes of it is "To offer a contrast and complement to the corporate Web content".

Kind of amusing. Perhaps in a few days I will get annoyed and edit out the links in this item!

[[Update 26 Feb: I decided to do the opposite, here is a link to his personal blog where the original version of the article still lives]]

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JacquesC said...

Very weird - I (JacquesC on MaplePrimes) first read Will's comment when it still had the link to your blog. It would be very sad indeed if the reason for the change was some kind of censorship, as that would be quite petty indeed.