Thursday, February 01, 2007

Minitab 15 released

Minitab have announced a new version of their flagship statistics package. Headline new features are listed as...

  • Ability to assign formulas to columns in the worksheet
  • Expanded Gage R&R capabilities
  • Power (OC) curves for power and sample size
  • Probability Distribution Plot
  • New Reliability methods for forecasting future warranty claims
  • More than 40 new calculator functions
When you read that the top new feature is "Ability to assign formulas to columns in the worksheet", you prepare yourself for a completely underwhelming upgrade.

But when you dig into the full list there is quite a lot more new stuff than the press release suggests, with modest improvements in many, many areas.

Where the release disappoints is by a lack of any clear direction to R&D, perhaps that is why it was hard to write a press release that made it sound interesting. There is no attempt to extend the reach of Minitab. They are happy with what they do, and just want to do the same a bit better.

The result is an upgrade that should please Minitab users, but is unlikely to attract anyone who had previously dismissed it.

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