Monday, February 05, 2007

New O-Matrix 6.1 Performance claims

Matlab clone O-Matrix has released a new version, 6.1, with the summary: "This release has made many ease-of-use enhancements, added numerous application-oriented examples and made significant performance enhancements for newer multi-core machines such as the Intel HT and Intel Duo Core CPU."

I can't find a single reference to what these" ease-of-use enhancements" might be on their site or elsewhere.

As for the performance enhancements, there is plenty numbers to demonstrate 6.1 going much faster than other things, but as ever with such things, a little scrutiny reduces their credibility.

They have tables of O-Matrix 6.1 vs O-Matrix 5.62 --- but NOT against O-Matrix 6.0, so we can only assume that most of the improvements were in 6.0 not in this 'performance enhancing' release. They have also updated their comparison against Matlab (which I commented on here) to use 0-Matrix 6.1 but have still not upgraded the Matlab side of the comparison to anything newer than 7.01 which was released back in 2004.

Dodgy scientific methodology in marketing comparisons probably don't reflect poorly on you when you are selling shampoo or cat food but it surely does in technical software.

Having said that, I can't actually find any claims that Matlab has got any faster in the last three years, but still- show us the current comparison, if you want us to take it seriously.

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