Tuesday, February 20, 2007

TI-NSpire advertising isn't the solution

As directed by an irate reader of a previous TI-NSpire article, I was doing a little Googling to see if there was any news on its shipping status, when I found a fun thread on an HP site. It was pointing out that the calculation in an example screenshot of the nSpire, on TIs site, is wrong.

Perhaps more surprising is that one of the writers claims to have mailed TI to point out their mistake a month ago and it is still there. Perhaps the TI web people don't think correct answers are important.

Assuming, that they do fix it soon, here it is recorded for posterity. (Correct answer is 1/2 and -9/2).

[[Update 26 Feb: Within a few days of appearing on this site, the page has now been fixed. Here is the new, fixed, version of the image]].


Yao Konan said...

The computation is right as the last result is not the second root but the opposite of the second root.
It is amazing the number of people from several boards include the famous hpmuseum.org who can't notice that.

Scientific Computing said...

I was once told, after I reported a bug, "Its not a bug, it is doing exactly what it was programmed to do- it just wasn't programmed to do the right thing"

This is one of those cases. Yes, it is user error, not a calculator error.

But still pretty embarrassing to have on your website.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but does the nSpire get the correct answer yet? I'm guessing a web programmer manually added the "-" to the screenshot.